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Recipe for a kingfisher shot

National Geographic Magazine assignment 2014
I’m obsessed with kingfishers. I have been since I was seven years old and to date I have shot and written two books on them and one National Geographic magazine article. So I’m on assignment for National Geographic magazine in Wyoming and I find a belted kingfisher nest – well I have no choice, I’ve got to photograph it.



kingfisher into nest image of young otter underwater image of white backed vultures on a kill image of a praying mantis and a sweat bee on white image of a kingfisher streaking into its nest image of two cheetahs in monochrome image of a Shetland man in the fire image of a giant otter with a fish image of a leopard image of a split screen of a eurasian otter image of condor bull and matador at yawar fiesta

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I hope you enjoy having a look round. I've tried to make the site interesting and useful to everyone - amateurs and professionals alike.

"My aim as a photojournalist and presenter is to expose the brilliance of nature to the world.

I am constantly staggered and inspired by nature both in its design and its beauty; it's led to a life long obsession to understand, document and save it."

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White backed vulture on kill

Eurasian otter split screen

Aquatic scorpion

Head Hole


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I Bought a Rainforest

New BBC 2 1st June 2014. Last year I bought 49 hectares of tropical rainforest on the edge of Manu National Park in south east Peru. Since then I have been followed by a film crew from Keo Films, as I visited my land for the first time and then went on a journey of discovery to work out what the hell I was going to do with it... See some of the images here and on the Digital Rainforest site here

CREES Crowdfunding project

The Amazonian Rainforest may be thousands of miles away but many of the choices you make in your daily life have a direct impact. By making small changes to the way you live, you can also help save the rainforest. Support The CREES Foundation

Vultures - Hell's Angels

'The Natural World' for BBC 2 and National Geographic TV. I love vultures. I think they're not just fascinating but beautiful too (in an ugly way!). I set out last year to make a film about them; so that I could show the world how wonderful yet misunderstood they are. The vultures didn't disappoint and the crew and I managed to get some incredible footage of them in Kenya and Tanzania. What I didn't realise however was just how much trouble vultures are in - currently the fastest declining family of species in the world... continue HERE

National Geographic Magazine- Eurasian Otters

Eurasian Otters came out in the feb 2013 issue of National Geographic Magazine... Click here for the image gallery

check out the pics on the National Geographic website /

'The making of' blog/ movie here blog /

National Geographic Magazine

My next assignment is Manu National Park in south east Peru. Manu is an incredible place and officially (according to UNESCO) the most diverse place on earth. Including 15 species of monkey, 8 species of cat and around 10% of all the bird species on earth! There are also plenty of human stories to explore including gold mining, cocaine and indigenous tribes. The shot here is of a presently undescribed scorpion - the only known aquatic species. I shot it using a UV light - scorpions glow fluorescent green under UV light.

The Botfly Diaries - Nearly 6 million YouTube hits so far...

The Botfly Diaries is still going strong after going viral and becoming a massive YouTube hit. Shot days after returning home from one of our 'Giant Otters' Amazon shoots, this video follows my battle against a parasitic Botfly that had made his home in my head.

Watch it now if you dare... YouTube- The Botfly Diaries /

Giant Otters

Giant otters of the Amazon – The Natural World series BBC 2. Hector (my assistant) and I spent last year shooting a film on giant otters in deepest darkest Peru. We followed a family of giant otters as they raised their cubs in a lake with 700 caiman living in it!

All info on BBC 2 Natural World website... NW Giant Otters /

Stunning new range of cushions...

Philippa Forrester and her friend Tina Price have made a stunning new range of cushions with some of my photographs on. They look great and seem to work everywhere in the house. You can buy them on their website /

Halcyon River Diaries DVD cover image

Halcyon River Diaries DVD

"A wonderful account of one family's interaction with the natural world" The Daily Mail

There's a saying in television -

'Never work with children or animals' in this series we did both. The results were hilarious. We shot this series for BBC 1 over a year and it follows the story of me, my wife Philippa and our three boys Fred, Gus and Arthur as we try to get to know our wild neighbours and learn more about them - otters, kingfishers, dragonflies, moorhens, dippers and many more. There's some lovely footage of the animals on the river and some dramatic and sad stories. What we like most about the series is that it's fun and honest and packed with information. It seemed to be a real hit with the public and it achieved what Philippa and I were hoping - to inspire and educate people about the natural World.