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Recipe for a kingfisher shot

National Geographic Magazine assignment 2014
I’m obsessed with kingfishers. I have been since I was seven years old and to date I have shot and written two books on them and one National Geographic magazine article. So I’m on assignment for National Geographic magazine in Wyoming and I find a belted kingfisher nest – well I have no choice, I’ve got to photograph it.


Springwatch and Autumnwatch

I've worked on Springwatch and Autumnwatch on and off for years. I started out on the series as a cameraman filming otters and other wildlife in Shetland with Simon King. We had a great summer up there and even got shots of killer whales. The following year I was filming Bill Oddie and Kate Humble in north Devon at the main site. My job was to film (rather unsurprisingly) otters and kingfishers. We had fun getting a kingfisher to sit on a stick that Bill was holding and while we were filming that got a sequence of Bill and a wild otter in the middle of the day. I also managed to take Kate out late at night to watch wild otters. We got some nice footage even though I forgot to press record for some of it! I couldn't do Springwatch the following years after that as I always had other commitments.

Last year I went up to Shetland to film and present a piece on otters for them. It was my first gig as a live presenter which I found very scary but quite exciting at the same time. We had a week to find a mum otter with young cubs. The weather was wild but we got the story. I then spent my time getting in the water with the otters and trying to film them swimming in the sea and hunting in the kelp beds. I had no idea I'd ever get the eventual shot but take a look at the clip - it's definitely the best experience I've ever had with any wild animal ever!

The mum and cub otters we filmed for Autumnwatch at the ferry terminal.

the Autumn Watch voice over suite was Richard the directors bedroom.

Before going live on Autumnwatch I had to report live to BBC breakfast twice! On the second link i was interupted by Mel B who was in the studio in London showing off as usual.

After a long day swimming with otters I fell asleep in my nan bread (well it's better than my Nan's bed!)

I did a lot of soul searching in Shetland.

Soundman Gary Moore checks the live link from northern Shetland.

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